I recently went to a meeting at the Downtown Business Association in Auburn, CA and was completely impressed with a presentation given by the Chief of the Police as well as members of various charitable organizations. In short, they let us know that there were an abundance of resources available to help the homeless. These resources included FREE clothing, food, shelter, medical, dental and vision care. (they even mentioned there were resources available for 1 year’s worth of of FREE drug rehabilitation)

These caring folks let us know that we should NOT be handing out money and instead the (below) information. (scanned and reprinted with permission) They made it very clear that when money is handed out, 100% of the time it is used to feed drug and alcohol habits.

If we really wanted to help, (and I think most of us really do) then feel good about passing out information to real resources from experienced experts that will help get folks in need off of the streets back on the road to recovery.

Click the below image for a printable pdf.

(you can cut in half to make 2 to hand out)

Homeless Resources in Placer County

Homeless Resources in Placer County