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Asti – Australorp Hen

Howdy, my name is Asti and I’m an Australorp Hen who lays large brown eggs. When I was a teenager, I was considered the matriarch of the flock. I was first on the scene every time my owner brought big chunks of rotted word so we could pick out the termites. (one of my favorite foods if you were wondering) I’ve now mellowed out a bit (but still first on the scene to grab food off the ground) and am one of the more cautious girls in the family. If you look at me in the right sunlight, you’ll see that I have a ton of green in my feathers. (and yes, my sisters are totally jealous of that)

Asti - The Australorp (egg)

Asti – The Australorp (egg)

Some of my stats

Egg Productivity: High
Egg Size: Large
Egg Color: Brown
Temperament: Friendly, Easily handled, Calm, Bears confinement well, Quiet, Docile
Color: Black and white stripes
Size: Large

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Hi, I'm Dave Naves... a daddy, a drummer, a web nerd and currently live evain Grass Valley, California with a dog, 2 cats, and 8 chickens. You can typically find me making noise out on Google+, Twitter and Facebook

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