Note: this is currently working in my front yard to help keep deer from munching on our “deer resistant” plants. (insert sarcastic tone here; apparently deer haven’t read this list of plants) Anyway, this seems to really help as deer don’t like funny noises in the middle of the night and HATE to be stared at by cougars. (mountain lions, not middle-aged ladies) I’m still working on this project, but having trouble getting the mp3 breakout board to play the awesome sample of a ling roaring. (my wife heard it and says I have to insert a voice-over in the mp3, so I don’t give people heart attacks as they walk up the driveway)

I’m duplicating this very thing for the chicken coop and will install with some powered computer speakers, a strobe and probably some misters with pepper spray in case the raccoons or foxes want to stick around. (maybe even a flame thrower) =)

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Quickie video:

Yeah, it seems like the sound is weak and lame, but so far the deer hate it and if you look at the night view, it’s kinda scary in the eyes of a deer. (and it’s relentless with every movement it blinks and beeps)

The Build

Parts Used

  • 1 Arduino Uno
  • (2) PIR motion sensors (1 down low with the LEDs and one up 7′ tall to catch more motion)
  • (2) Red LEDs
  • (1) Project box
  • (1) Small breadboard
  • (1) Piezo transducer
  • (1) Single gang electrical box with cover
  • (1) 9v volt power supply for Arduino

((future: powered computer speakers, speaker cable, mp3 breakout board, lion roar sample))

Wiring Diagram

(coming soon)

The Code