Arbiter “Arbi” – Ameraucana Hen

Hi, i’m Arbi and I lay green eggs. I’m one of two Ameraucanas in this flock. I’m very pretty and fairly even-keeled. You can tell me apart from my sister, Loca, from the speckles on my chest. Loca is fairly plain in that area. When we were a few days old, Loca received her name because of the fact that she frantically raced around me and tried to nestle under me to use my feathers as a blanket. (she still does this from time to time)

Arbi - The Ameraucana (egg)

Arbi – The Ameraucana (egg)

Some of my stats

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Egg Productivity: Medium
Egg Size: Medium
Egg Color: Blue/Green
Temperament: Aggressive, Friendly, Flighty, Easily handled, Calm, Bears confinement well, Quiet, Docile
Color: Black, Blue, Blue Wheaten
Size: Large