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Fog “Foggy” – Leghorn Hen

Hi there! My name is Fog. “Foggy” is my nickname. (my family thought it would be funny to name me after some silly, ancient cartoon from the 70’s. They are hilarious… said no one ever.)

Anyway, I have a spunky personality. Some would say I’m a bit crazy. I’m not.. I’m just curious with a cautious overtone. I’m always first to come say hi whenever folks come outside. I’m the smallest of the bunch, but I’m also the most productive when it comes to laying eggs. They are small/medium and white. I’d say they are the most delicious, but I haven’t yet had a chance to taste them. (I was also the first one in my flock to start laying) My favorite food is grapes and I like it when my fam comes outside, sits down in their chairs to feed us. I like to jump up and sit laps to eat. My comb (the Elvis looking thingy on top of my head is very large and flops over from side to side, so I can only see with one eye at a time) I’ll admit that I can be a bit loud at night when someone comes to tuck us in. Just to show them who is boss, I start with a low growling noise and crescendo into a loud, constant screamy sound. Please don’t ask why, it’s just in my nature. =)

Foggy The Leghorn (egg)

Foggy The Leghorn (egg)

Some of my stats:

Egg Productivity: Medium
Egg Size: Large
Egg Color: Brown
Temperament: A bit crazy/zany… I’m the first to bail at the sign of danger, but the first to hop up on someone’s lap if there’s a hint of being fed.
Color: Buff
Size: Medium

David Naves

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Hi, I'm Dave Naves... a daddy, a drummer, a web nerd and currently live evain Grass Valley, California with a dog, 2 cats, and 8 chickens. You can typically find me making noise out on Google+, Twitter and Facebook

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