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Discover More Episodes
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Read More From The Blog
1104, 2016
  • Doc Holiday - Nope, I'm sure of it... I hate him

Doc Holliday – Nope, I’m Sure of It… I Hate Him

Doc Holliday - Nope, I'm Sure of It... I Hate Him Curly Bill: [takes a bill with Wyatt's signature from a customer and throws it on the faro table] Wyatt Earp, huh? I heard of you. Ike Clanton: Listen, Mr.

2403, 2016
  • L298N Motor Controller for Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Parts for Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Parts for Automatic Chicken Coop Door I've tried my best to consolidate and organize the parts for automatic chicken coop door . I also tried to find the best prices, yet not use sub-standard parts. I hope this helps. Cheers,

2403, 2016
  • Fletch - God I Admire You - Chevy Chase

Fletch – God I Admire You

Fletch - God I Admire You BOYD: So, if any of your D.C. boys... want to challenge that, bring them on. Otherwise, tell them to get out of my face. FLETCH: God, I admire you. Well... consider this case closed.

2701, 2015
  • Deserve's got nothing to do with it

Deserve’s Got Nothing To Do With It

"Deserve's Got Nothing To Do With It" ; One of my favorite lines from Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven. A really mean bad guy getting shot by an even meaner, badder guy. =)

2809, 2014
  • Automatic Chicken Coop Heater via Arduino

Automatic Chicken Coop Heater

The Automatic Chicken Coop Heater is actually pretty simple: Essentially 2 lights (1 halogen and 1 florescent bulb) triggered on an off by temperatures. There are 2 different chicken heater systems: Coop Interior: to heat the interior of the coop

1002, 2014
  • Pollo Palace - Naves Family Chicken Coop

Arduino Automated Chicken Coop

El Pollo Palace had to be awesome, made from recycled materials, efficient, green as possible and technologically advanced beyond anything reasonable. I think I’m on my way to having just that.

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