Even though the dimension were already established, given that I used a used dog house, I wanted to give the chickens a few places to hop around and roost. I’ve seen other coops that just have a single roost and maybe that’s fine, but I thought that maybe they’d get bored? Anyway, as you can see, they have 4 separate roosts, 2 sets of stairs and 2 landings. They seem to prefer the roost on the left… I’m guessing because it’s the highest.

The interior also has 2 of the watering cups as well for nights and winter months they may not want to be outside.

I plan to get the gravity-feeder in the interior as well, but I’m still working out how I can incorporate into the existing feeder without too many fittings and/or making it too complicated.

The Nesting Box
The nesting box is also connected to the 2 median roosts and one of the sets of stairs/landing.

The Computer Fan
I installed 1 .014v AC computer fan to aid in ventilation. I understand that chickens are susceptible to respiratory infections (heat/poop/urine) so I wanted to keep the air flowing without making it breezy. I plan of getting the fan set up to automatically turn on and off based on temperature (via the Arduino)

[h3]Gallery of the Chicken Coop Interior[/h3]