Tent Trailer Upgrade

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We purchased a 1999 Jayco Tent Trailer and were, for the most part, very happy. The owner lied about a few things:

  • it leaked (creates mold)
  • the heater not working
  • Sink drain plumbing didn’t seal

Now that we’ve had it since 2007, although we know that we’ve gotten our money’s worth, I’ve decided I want to make it better than the day it came off the lot.

Project #1:
Fix roof. The roof is built with 2 separate pieces of metal roofing material with a seam in the middle. Seems like bad design. =( (image)

Project #2:

Fix counter tops that have swelled due to water leaks (image) I want to use the same material that’s used to make cutting boards (hard polyethylene material)


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