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This slow, not so typical shuffle groove for “Black Velvet” just kills me every time I hear it. I thought it was worth transcribing and posting this as many drummers out in the world want to know how to play it and/or read it. You’ll notice that although it’s a *relatively* simple triplet/ /shuffle / rock beat, Anderson’s accents on the hats (3rd beat of 1st triplet and 2nd beat of 2nd triplet, the whole song seriously swings. He just nails it on the track, laying WAAAAY back on the back side of the down, up and back beats of this sweet shuffle.

Here’s the drum transcription for Black Velvet:

(click for detailed view)

Drum Transcription - Black Velvet - Alannah Myles- Drummer - Jørn Andersen

Drum Transcription – Black Velvet – Alannah Myles- Drummer – Jørn Andersen

Jørn Andersen’s recording / laying it down on Black Velvet:

Jorn Anderson Drummer - Black Velvet - Alannah Myles

Jorn Anderson Drummer – Black Velvet – Alannah Myles

It’s really nice to know that talent like Jørn Andersen exists out in the universe.

Rock on, brother…

Note, before I published this article, I researched quite a bit and found that there were 2 different drummers on the album. Jørn Andersen and Randy Cooke. Most of my research showed that on this particular song, Randy Cooke was the drummer. I was wrong. Luckily, thanks to a Youtube user named moondowg1-Farley & The Stooges (a former family member to Jørn) let me know that Jørn was indeed the one that laid down this groove. So after more research I corrected the post. Thanks MoonDowg!

The album on Amazon

The album on iTunes

Alannah Myles - Black Velvet

Alannah Myles – Black Velvet

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  1. Jesper N Kristensen  May 9, 2019

    It’s a great groove indeed ! Hi-hat transcription is incorrect.
    The accent is on the first triplet, third triplet of beat 1, then the second triplet of beat 2, then first and third triplet again on beat 3, and the second triplet of beat 4. Basically every other triplet 🙂 6 accents to the measure.

    • David Naves
      David Naves  May 26, 2019

      Thanks, Jesper,

      Yeah, before I transcribed, I listened over and over and I just don’t hear the accent on beat 1 (only the accent of the kick drum on measure 1 & 3)


  2. Keir Mac Donald  November 9, 2015

    Hi David. I think there’s no HH stroke on the first beat of the second triplet i.e. the snare stroke only.

    I’ve tried playing it both ways and it flows better if you don’t play that note.

    Old Charlie Watts trick ?

    Kind regards
    Keir ( Australia )

    • David Naves
      David Naves  November 20, 2015

      Hey, Keir… thanks for the note. I’ll have to listen (and play) it again to test’er out.

      I really appreciate you writing in to point that out.



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