Don’t Leave PVC in Sunlight

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Do you have a PVC irrigation system in your yard?

If you do, is any of it exposed to the sun?  if so, it’s bad.

Because it becomes brittle by the UV Rays.

Here are the affects on PVC when exposed to sunlight over time:

Impact Strength Impact Resistance Decrease
Tensile Strength Pressure Capacity No Effect
Modulus of Elasticity Pipe Stiffness No Effect
PVC painted to protect from pipe exposure to sunlight

PVC painted to protect from pipe exposure to sunlight

What can be done to prevent PVC damage from the sun:

Wrap it or paint it. (wrapping is better if you live in cold climates to avoid pipes bursting due to freezing)

If you are dealing with a new installation, then use Schedule 80 PVC for anything above grade.  (it’s grey)  It is thicker, and is far more resistant to sunlight.

Shedule 80 PVC

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  1. sharon girulat  March 3, 2015

    RE: paint PVC –
    Hot Arizona sun; swimming pool motor pvc.
    what kind of paint? or top over with solar screen, etc?

    Thanks much and hope to check our your ‘work’ soon. Shar

    • David Naves
      David Naves  March 3, 2015

      Hi Sharon,

      I’ve found that plastic paint like krylon fusion works best. (white, to keep out the heat as much as possible)



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