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Acoustic Setup

All Gretsch USA Maple: (Cobalt Blue)
10″ Rack Tom
12″ Rack Tom
14″ Suspended Floor Tom
16″ Suspended Floor Tom
22″ x 18″ Kick
Gretsch 5 1/2″ x 14″ Black Chrome Snare
1967 Ludwig 6″ x 14″ Chrome Snare
(4) TAMA High Pitched Octobans

Zildjian 20″ Custom K Ride
Zildjian 22″ K Ride
Zildjian 17″ Rock Crash
Zildjian 20″ Rock Crash
Zildjian 8″ Advedis Splash
Zildjian 10″ A Splash

Zildjian 6″ Ice Bell

Zildjian 14″ New Beat Hi Hats
Zildjian 14″ Quick Beat Hi Hats
Paiste: 18″ 3000 Series China
Paiste: 18″ 1000 Series Rude China
Paiste: 18″ 3000 Series Power Crash
Sabian: 16′ El Sabor Latin Ride/Crash

Hand Percussion
LP Congas
LP Bongos
African Agogo Bells
LP Tamborines (various)
LP Triangle
LP Cabasa
LP Claves
LP Sleigh Bells

Pearl Rack – designed by Jeff Porcaro and Paul Jamieson
Yamaha Custom Series Cymbal Booms
DW Snare Stand
DW 9000 Double Pedal
DW 9000 Hi Hat Stand
TAMA Cobra Pedal (backup)
LP Perussion Mounts (various)


(8) Custom Pads (developed by me – piezo transducers, 1/8″ iron plate and 1/2″ plexiglass)
DW 5000 Electronic Pedal Trigger

Mackie LM-3204 16 Channel Stereo Mixer
Phonic Digital Effects
MidiKITI Drum Trigger Interface
QSC RMX 850 Amplifier
Dell 5160 P4 Laptop
Ableton Live Pro
Alesis *** Drum Machine
Custom wiring by Chris Kohler Co., Los Angeles

(1) Pair Custom Wedges loaded with 15″ Community Loudspeakers / Horns (1) Pair Acoustic Research Powered Studio Monitors

David Naves

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