Arduino Automated Chicken Coop

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El Pollo Palace had to be awesome, made from recycled materials, efficient, green as possible and technologically advanced beyond anything reasonable. I think I’m on my way to having just that.

David Naves

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Hi, I'm Dave Naves... a daddy, a drummer, a web nerd and currently live evain Grass Valley, California with a dog, 2 cats, and 8 chickens. You can typically find me making noise out on Google+, Twitter and Facebook
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  1. Richard Hansen  September 24, 2018

    Hi Dave, I am late to your project, so missed some of the discussion in building Arduino coop controller and door etc…
    I have gather stuff presented as parts, but found no wiring diagram, assembly instructions for getting started and checking out my work using your instructions and plans —–and so would like some help —-
    Thanks for your consideration

    • David Naves
      David Naves  November 27, 2018

      Hi Richard,

      I posted what I could… as indicated by most of the comments this is very much a DIY post (not a full set of instructions) As I did, figuring this stuff out on one’s own is actually half the fun.



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