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So instead of selling our girls’ awesome eggs, we’re going to *give* them away to our friends, family and community. Better to teach our kids that embracing an ethical community spirit is equally important as learning how to ethically turn a profit. (but if it makes you feel any better, can donate a couple of bucks towards chicken feed – stuff ain’t cheap) =)

Notes/ FAQs

  • Yes, the eggs have been cleaned
  • You will notice that these eggs taste better than store bought (our girls are free range and aren’t pumped with drugs, etc.)
  • The shell colors are all different, but the yolks/whites look as you’d expect – except better ~clearer/cleaner~ than store bought (no green eggs and ham jokes, please)
  • The shells are much tougher than store bought eggs. (they don’t go through the gross processing)
  • You must live within 45 mins of Auburn (we can arrange to meet you for delivery when we’re out and about)
  • Since the girls can only produce 56 eggs/week (+/-) we can only promise so many people

That said, if you’re interested in receiving the best eggs you’ll ever eat in your life, (for FREE) sign up below:

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