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Hi, I'm Dave Naves... a daddy, a drummer, a web nerd and currently live evain Grass Valley, California with a dog, 2 cats, and 8 chickens. You can typically find me making noise out on Google+, Twitter and Facebook

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Chicken Coop Nesting Box & Door

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After doing some research, I knew we needed one box minimum per two – four chickens and we started with six chicks… so two boxes it was! Chickens like it quiet when they lay eggs (they go into this weird trance like state) They need to feel secure and safe, which is why when you build these boxes, make sure they are not too big.

The Interior

Each box interior had to be approximately 12″ x 12″ x ...


Drum & Music Gear | Dave Naves

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Acoustic Setup

All Gretsch USA Maple: (Cobalt Blue)
10″ Rack Tom
12″ Rack Tom
14″ Suspended Floor Tom
16″ Suspended Floor Tom
22″ x 18″ ...


Music Portfolio | Dave Naves

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Film & Television

Broken Feature Film Bill Frist, Director
Amy’s O Feature Film Julie Davis, Director
FBI Murders Made for TV Film Dick Lowry, Director
Chicago Hope TV Series – Twentieth Century Fox for CBS Television 1995/98 seasons
Soldier Of
TV Series – Bruckheimer Productions/Rysher Entertainment 1997/98 seasons
Power Rangers TV Series – Saban Enteratinment 1993-94 seasons
VR Troopers TV Series – Saban Enteratinment 1993-94 seasons

Music Bio | Dave Naves

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Dave Naves | Drummer and Percussionist
I was born in Seattle, raised in Sacramento, worked for many years in Los Angeles and now I’m in Northern California. (Auburn). I have been married since 1988 and a daddy since 1998.

I was 18 when I began playing drums and percussion professionally. ...


The Girls @ 3 Weeks

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The family was very excited to get our “Baby Girls” at 2 days old:

  • 1 Australorp
  • 2 Polish
  • 1 Leghorn
  • 1 Plymouth Rock
  • 2 Ameraucanas (3 weeks after the first 5 due to limited availability)

The Girls at 3 Weeks


Arduino Chicken Coop

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Welcome to “El Pollo Palace” – My Arduino Automated, Energy Efficient Chicken Coop

I had sketched out what I wanted to build and gave myself about a $300 budget. I had so many materials already, so I thought I could do it. (outside of the serious techno-pimpage I desired)

  • Medium Size Coop
  • Medium Size Run
  • Something durable
  • To build it from recycled materials
  • Security from predators
  • Automation
  • Weatherproof
  • Semi-Modern looking (not too “Countryish)
  • Green & Energy Efficient
  • Technically Advanced


I’ve been building the coop off and on ...


Chicken Fever

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My family caught chicken fever… so we started out on an adventure in raising chicks and building out a custom chicken coop in the Spring of 2012.

We wanted all different types of eggs, so we raised all kinds of chicks

The coop, “El Pollo Palace,” had to be awesome, made from recycled materials, efficient, green as possible and technologically advanced beyond anything reasonable. I think I’m ...

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